About us

The inspiration of our work comes from the small and simple things in the life.

The beauty is everywhere- in us and around us!We just need to see it- in the little and jentle flower, in the see breeze and the sky, the smile of the child or loved one, which warms our soul and heart and makes you feel the most happy person.

The label LUXandGLAMOR starts by 2010 year, creating a design entirely underlying to the beauty in the small details.Clear silhouettes,elegant models combining vintage and modern style,avant-garde and hand crafted fashion collections,accessories and jewelry. Every hand detail is made on the principle of perfection. We create high couture wedding and evening dresses and ready-to-wear for urban and modern woman. We work with different kinds of fabrics starting from hiqh quality materials for our wedding and formal collections as French lace,silk, silk satin, taffeta …to natural fabrics as cotton, cashmere,linen for ready to wear.

The LUXandGLAMOR wedding dress will add that glamor and elegance,looking from every bride. She will makes you unique, highligthing your personality.

Our avant-garde ready-to wear clothing is inspired by the new time of free, working and independent woman, who wants to be stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

All of our garments can be easily adjusted, we accept custom orders and can create everything you have in mind. Our main aim is to make our clients happy,so everyone can feel the comfort, the individuality and the uniqueness of our items, which are made with love and precision to the smallest detail.

Express Yourself with LUXandGLAMOR!